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Top 10 Hottest Fintech Companies in APAC - 2020

Fintech, in essence, is an umbrella term that encompasses a multitude of financial services intersecting with technology, which helps businesses increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. These services include peer-to-peer (or P2P) lending, online payments and foreign exchange services, digital wallets and e-money, automated or robo investment advice, artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, blockchain and crypto-currencies, and more. According to the EY Global FinTech Adoption Index, one-third of consumers utilize at least two or more fintech services and realize fintech as part of their daily lives. Whether its transferring money or managing investments, fintech enables consumers to complete all these tasks with ease without the assistance of a person. Further, fintech offers automated customer service technology utilizing chatbots and AI interfaces to assist customers. It can also be leveraged to fight fraud by analyzing payment history and flag suspicious transactions.

With financial businesses continuing to benefit from innovative service offerings, the fintech industry is enjoying rather explosive growth globally, which is no different in the APAC region. The fintech ecosystem in APAC is rapidly changing, and fintech tools have skyrocketed among consumers and small businesses. Mobile technology has a significant role in this development of fintech adoption as consumers with smartphones gain access to a range of virtual financial services, and it’s happening at a faster rate than any other market. From fast-growing economies such as China and India to mature markets such as Japan, fintech systems have become part of everyday life fabric. With powerful ecommerce and social media platforms such as Alibaba, China is leading by thoroughly integrating fintech services. In India, local entrepreneurs and innovative startups seek to penetrate the market, helping develop its financial ecosystem. Several more changes are expected to occur driven by advances in technology, loosening regulations, and competition among fintech companies.

In light of these significant technological advancements today, CFO Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 fintech companies in APAC 2020 to guide enterprise leaderships in harnessing the power of technology to embrace innovation and enhance productivity.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these companies are continually proving their expertise in the fintech arena. We hope this issue of the CFO Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to migrate to an efficient and technology-driven environment.

We present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Hottest Fintech Companies in APAC - 2020.”

    Top Hottest Fintech Companies in APAC

  • Founded in 1993, IRESS initially provided real-time information services to businesses that specialize in equity and future information markets across Australia and New Zealand. This also involved supplying a range of pricing data, charting, and equity derivatives, as well as real-time trading tools. Over the years, IRESS has grown exponentially both with respect to its portfolio and geographical footprint, which spans 17 offices in seven countries. Today, the company serves a multitude of clients, ranging from entrepreneurial and established financial advisory firms to the world’s most iconic finance brands

  • Planning Systems Group is a company on a mission to create a significant and lasting impact on the business of its clients. The company achieves this by solely focusing on delivering intelligent budgeting, forecasting, reporting and Business Intelligence solutions. Leveraging its partnership with Workday, Planning Systems is helping clients build budgeting/forecasting models, as well as dramatically reduce the time to produce reporting. As an ANZ implementation partner of Workday, Planning Systems understands clients’ needs and helps them build a unique forecast model to produce new forecasts and what-if scenarios in minutes

  • Acumen Analytics Services

    Acumen Analytics Services

    As a fintech innovation company, Acumen offers one integrated platform to provide digital roadmap digitizing CA and CS practices serving SMEs to help them seamlessly collaborate with clients to achieve their goals. The company’s easy to use platform does not replace CAs and CSs but complements them by automating their day to day tasks to streamline operations. Acumen offers a client management module to allow CA and CS professionals to easily onboard clients using the government data repository and digitize documents and certificates. Acumen also offers a compliance tracking module to automatically track regulations and digital documentation to free up space for them and bolster a paperless environment

  • Assembly Payments

    Assembly Payments

    Assembly Payments is one of Australia's fastest growing fin-tech companies. Established in 2013 and based in Melbourne, They've raised US $30m to date and grown to over 100 employees. The company provides flexible payment solutions that enable marketplaces, platforms and banks to create extraordinary online payment experiences without limitations

  • Censof Holdings

    Censof Holdings

    Censof Holdings Bhd was established in 2008 as a technology investment holdings company specializing in financial management software solutions. Since then, Censof has expanded its portfolio of financial services solutions to include e-payment gateway services and wealth management software solutions. Subsequently, Censof ventured to professional training of software application specialists to support human capital development in technology certifications. Consequently, Censof acquired a major accounting solution business that cater to SME business market

  • Emburse


    Emburse humanizes work by empowering business travelers, finance professionals and CFOs to eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks so they can focus on what matters most. Emburse brings together some of the world’s most powerful and trusted expense and AP automation solutions, including Abacus, Captio, Certify, Chrome River, Nexonia and Tallie. The company’s innovative offerings, which are uniquely tailored for specific industries, company sizes, and geographies, are trusted by more than 4.5 million users in more than 120 countries

  • Finastra


    Formed in 2017 by the combination of Misys and D+H, Finastra builds and deploys innovative, next-generation technology on their open Fusion software architecture and cloud ecosystem. The company's scale and geographical reach means that they can serve customers effectively, regardless of their size or location—from global financial institutions to community banks and credit unions

  • Forest Grove

    Forest Grove

    Headquartered in the heart of Perth’s CBD, Forest Grove is a leading supplier of analytics and corporate performance management solutions across Australia and New Zealand. Partnering with a suite of innovative business applications including KNIME, Tableau and Prophix, Forest Grove delivers data transformation and analytics, business intelligence solutions, and budgeting, forecasting and reporting services

  • Futrli


    Futrli is on a quest to move the needle on the small business economy, which spans over 130 million small businesses globally. Founded in 2014, the company released their original product, Futrli Advisor, which supports over 45,000 businesses and 1,000 accountants in 130 countries. Over time, Advisor became the perfect tool for accountants, with forecasting, reporting, scenario modeling, and business planning

  • VoxSmart


    VoxSmart is a global telecommunications software provider headquartered in London, UK with offices in both Singapore and New York. The company's multi-award winning solution VSmart™, empowers organisations to unlock the power of mobility whilst achieving regulatory and internal compliance by recording all mobile communications on any network, anywhere in the world